Kids just wanna have fun -- even when they are learning! This is why Rana Kirkland's yoga classes for children are both educational and enjoyable. Since being accredited in 2001 by the Ananda Yoga Center in Sacramento, CA, Rana has used her experience and creativity to make yoga a playful experience for kids, while still teaching them traditional poses, meditation and breathing techniques.

Rana is the writer, co-producer and host of the award-winning I Can Do... Yoga! children's video series. Her classes are featured at her day camp, Rana's Arts Club, and at various yoga studios and schools in the Los Angeles area.

A multi-talented individual, Rana is also an accomplished actress who has appeared in numerous films, commercials and theatrical productions. Her long list of television credits includes: The Young and the Restless, Married with Children, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and True Colors. She is also the director of the Beverly Hills Performing Arts Academy and author of Mad about Monologues for Teens -- Fifty-one Trendy Monologues.

Rana and her adorable son often enjoy practicing yoga together.

Her goal is to expand opportunities for children to grow and learn in a natural and nurturing way.